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10 Best TOTO Toilets

best toto toilets

Today toilet manufacturers are competing to produce the best toilets. And trust us, the competition is massive. Kicking its competitor behind, TOTO has become one of the best-known manufacturers of toilets in the world. It offers modern toilets that are sleek and can easily fit into any modern-day home. Being one of the top toilets, the price ranges from medium to high. But they are expensive for some reason you cannot disregard them.

TOTO has been manufacturing a wide range of popular toilets: Drake, Ultramax, Soiree, Neorest, Promenade, Supreme, Guinevere, Nexus, Maris, and more. You must be overwhelmed with so many options and find it pretty confusing to choose the right one.

Best TOTO Toilets Comparison

TOTO has established itself as the best toilet manufacturer in the world. But with the wide range of TOTO products, it might get a little sweaty to choose the best one. It offers a variety of modern and sleek toilets that are pretty expensive as well as reasonably priced basic models. We have prepared a comparison list of the best TOTO toilets.

Product ImageProduct NameTypeShapeFlush TypeWater ConsumptionPrice
TOTO MS854114#01 UltimateOne PieceElongatedPower Flush1.6 GPFCheck Price
TOTO CST744SL#01 DrakeTwo pieceElongatedGravity Flush1.6 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax IIOne PieceElongatedDouble Cyclone1.28 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco SoireeOne PieceElongatedDual Flush1.28 GPFCheck Price
TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake IITwo PieceElongatedPower Flush1.28 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS970CEMFG#01 Washlet G500One PieceElongatedDual Flush1.28 GPFCheck Price
TOTO CST474CEFG#01 Vespin IITwo pieceElongatedDouble Cyclone1.28 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700HOne PieceOvalSiphon Jet1 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS864114#01 SupremeOne PieceElongatedSiphon Jet1.6 GPFCheck Price
TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550HOne PieceElongatedDual Flush1 GPFCheck Price

Best TOTO Toilet Reviews

We have reviewed the above listed best TOTO toilets to help you choose the right toilet that you are looking for. With the TOTO toilet, no matter which model you select, you can be sure of the quality of the product.

TOTO MS854114#01 Ultimate

best toto toiletsThe TOTO MS854114#01 Ultimate is a one-piece toilet with sleek looks. It features a large flush valve of 3-inch that boosts its performance. This model has a power gravity flushing system that is quiet but powerful and highly functional.

This toilet uses siphon jet flushing action, the power flushing. Hence, it consumes only 1.6 gallons per flush. All thanks to its ergonomic design, this toilet is very comfortable for all types of users.

It has an elongated bowl and SoftClose seat. Its unique seat is designed to reduce injury and eliminate the seat slam.

TOTO toilets are very easy to install. This model includes top tightening mounting bolts that make the installation process very easy.

Its cotton white color will match with any standard white porcelain tubs and sinks. If you are looking to replace your old toilet, this Ultimate can be the right one for you.


TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake

best toto toiletsThe TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake is a popular two-piece toilet, which is very simple but effective. This model comes with an elongated bowl and a trip lever flush option on either side of the tank. The tank is a high profile design that takes up less space than many elongated bowl toilets.

This model uses TOTO’s G-Max flushing system that gives an added boost to the efficiency of the 1.6-gallon flush. The system uses an extra-large water outlet that is combined with a powerful siphon action. It has a large valve of 3 inches, which means a quick and more powerful flush. Hence, it is almost impossible to clog with an enlarged 2 1/8” fully glazed trap way.

The installation of this toilet is very straightforward and easy as it is one of the few toilets that come complete with all the parts that are needed to install it. But the toilet seat must be purchased separately.

This is suitable for all types of users. This two-piece toilet is not only good looking but also very comfortable for the business it is meant to be.


TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II

best toto toiletsOne of the fine products of TOTO is TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II. This one-piece toilet can be installed in any bathroom of your house. Like most of the TOTO toilets, this one is also very easy to install. Since the seat is included, it is ready to use as well.

The Ultramax II is comfortable for all types of users as it incorporates the SoftClose toilet seat. It uses the double cyclone flushing system and uses only 1.28 GPF. The flush is quick, powerful and quiet with less water consumption.

The toilet surface is very smooth and super easy to clean. It has the SanaGloss ceramic glaze and the ion barrier glazing helps in keeping the toilet ever clean. It prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces hence very fewer chemicals and less water are required.

This decorative, ADA compliant and high profile one-piece toilet is one of the most recommended TOTO toilets.


TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree

best toto toiletsThe TOTO Eco Soiree is a one-piece toilet with a SanaGloss glaze that helps to keep the toilet clean for a longer time. This model uses the high-efficiency double cyclone flush system and complies with the EPA Water Sense certification, and uses only 1.28 GPF.

This toilet is one of the high priced models of TOTO that has so many great potentials. The design of this toilet is attractive and unique to the rest of the one-piece toilets. The SanaGloss finish gives it a smooth surface that is free from bacteria, microbes and is easier to clean.

It is also ADA compliant. Its universal height makes it suitable for all age groups. The SoftClose seat and lid close slowly and quietly. Its skirted bowl is made of vitreous china material. The installation is also very easy, as the water tank need not be installed separately.

If you are looking for the toilet that adds comfort you need for your bathroom experience, then TOTO Eco Soiree should be the one.



best toto toiletsThe TOTO Drake II is the best economy toilet with innovative design and efficient double cyclone flushing technology. It utilizes a gravity flush toilet and uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This is a sleek high profile two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. The double cyclone flushing technology removes the waste in no time with a powerful and quiet flush. The SanaGloss glaze gives the super smooth finish and ion barrier glazing cleans the toilet bowl with every flush.

It comes with a tank cover, fittings, polished chrome trip lever but not the toilet seat. You should purchase the seat separately. However, the installation is not difficult. The toilet is ADA compliant, which means it is suitable for all types of users.

This two-piece toilet has great design and aesthetically attractive shape. This will make any bathroom look great.


TOTO MS970CEMFG#01 Washlet G500

best toto toiletsThe TOTO Washlet G500 is a one-piece toilet with an integrated toilet. This modern design toilet is Water Sense certified and ADA compliant and looks great in any modern bathroom.

The universal height makes it suitable for all types of users. The smooth ceramic glaze makes it easier to clean it. Since it utilizes TOTO’s 3D flushing system that uses multiple nozzles, it has a great flush capacity.

It is a high profile toilet with some automated features and comes with remote control. The toilet features auto open/close lid, auto flush, and illuminated touchpad. It is perfect for the couples since the remote control has memory for 2 different users.

The automatic air deodorizer keeps the bathroom clean and fresh all the time. The front and rear warm water washing are relaxing. It is one expensive toilet but comes with luxurious features.


TOTO CST474CEFG#01 Vespin II

best toto toiletThe TOTO Vespin II is a sleek two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl shape and universal seat height. This toilet is ADA compliant; hence it is suitable to be installed either for public or private use and perfect for all types of users.

It utilizes the high-efficiency double cyclone flushing system and complies with the EPA Water Sense certification requirements. Like many other TOTO toilets, it is efficient when it comes to water usage. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

The SanaGloss finish keeps the toilet bowl cleaner for longer so you don’t need to manually clean the toilet frequently. It also reduces the use of chemicals and water in cleaning.

This decorative two-piece toilet with skirted design, high-profile tank, and chrome tip lever is economical.


TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H

best toto toiletsThe TOTO Neorest 700H is one of the TOTO’s sophisticated designed toilet and Washlet combined. This toilet is technology-packed combined with electronics and surface treatments that provide highly efficient toilets suitable for all types of users.

The SanaGloss finish on the surface glaze reduces the possibility of anything sticking to the surface. It is Water Sense compliant with a dual flush of 1 GPF and 0.8 GPF and uses the Cyclone high-efficiency siphon jet flushing system. The toilet uses the TOTO eWater + system that sprays ionized water into the bowl immediately after it is flushed.

This toilet is ADA and Universal Design compliant making it suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It is a decorative one-piece toilet with skirted design and a high profile tank. It has an elongated front bowl with SoftClose seat and hands-free automatic flush.

The Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed. It comes with convenient remote control and you can enjoy a heated seat with temperature control. You can add some comfort and luxury to your lifestyle with this toilet installed in your bathroom.


TOTO MS864114#01 Supreme

best toto toiletThe TOTO Supreme is not the newest range toilet but it still looks very modern and suits modern bathrooms. It is a one-piece toilet with a low profile tank. The toilet has an elongated seat design but is slightly lower than those, which are ADA compliant. Hence, it is more suitable for younger users.

This toilet utilizes the power gravity flush system that gives quiet yet efficient flush. The DIY approach is enough to install this toilet.

As the bowl has a fully glazed trap way, there are very fewer chances of staining. This model has wider valve than the traditional toilet, which is 3 inches wide. This prevents clogging and keeps the bowl bacteria-free. The wide water surface makes the cleaning process easy and efficient.

This elegant low profile elongated one-piece toilet comes with a SoftClose seat, chrome plated trip lever, tank cover, and fittings.


TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H

best toto toilets

The TOTO Neorest 550H is one of the most expensive toilets of TOTO and is the first tankless design offered. One of the best features this toilet has is the built-in programmable nightlight. The toilet lid automatically opens and closes based on a user.

This high priced ceramic toilet is totally worth the money it costs. It has very powerful and effective features and sleek modern design. This toilet features an automated flushing system by which it cleans itself.

It has a skirted bowl design that functions efficiently and consumes only 1 GPF with WaterSense technology and dual flush system. And the SanaGloss glaze on the bowl surface prevents the growth of mildew and debris keeping the bowl shiny after every flush.

This high-end toilet with automatic features and remote control is a fine example of an Eco-luxury toilet.


Brief History of TOTO’s Innovation

TOTO is a popular Japanese company, founded in 1917 and currently stands as the biggest toilet manufacturer. They have branched out worldwide and their headquarter is in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The innovation of TOTO Toilet in its design and manufacture of toilets makes it stand out from the rest. After the Kanto earthquake of 1923, TOTO became the major manufacturer of toilets. TOTO developed a system of building modular toilets for the 1964 Olympics.

In 1977, TOTO developed the Washlet, a toilet set that sat on a conventional toilet, converted into a combination of toilet and bidet. They invented and patented the washlet.

TOTO brought a new range of innovative toilets to the North American market by the 90s. It developed the Neorest range by 1993 that brought a new level of automation to the modest toilet incorporating the Washlet bidet and great levels of automatic functions ahead of that time.

TOTO’s innovative journey kept ongoing. TOTO toilets used high-efficiency flush systems with low water usage, incorporated specialist glazed finish to the bowl that resists staining and reduces the growth of mold and bacteria keeping it cleaner for a longer time.

It is known for doing a lot of interesting things with the toilets that other brands are not taking risk of trying. TOTO is always about adding extra comfort features such as nightlights, remote control or the seat heaters. Their innovation in the toilet design to make life more comfortable has made them popular across the world.

Best Features of TOTO Products

TOTO offers a wide range of toilet models for its customers to choose from. If you want to upgrade your toilet every few years, you can have the option of staying in the same series. TOTO’s remarkable series are Aimes, Aquaia, Carlyle, Carolina, Carusoe, Clayton, Connelly, Dartmouth, Drake, Entrada, Guinevere, Legato, Lloyd, Maris, Nearest, Nexus, Promenade, Rowan, Soiree, Supreme, Ultimate, Ultramax, Vespin, Washlet, Whitney, and Willingham. No other toilet company offers the variety like TOTO. Many of the series already have version 2 or more. Either it’s a two-piece toilet or one-piece toilet; you will have a hard time choosing.

TOTO is eco-friendly when it comes to water usage, balancing out the powerful 1.6 gallons per flush toilets with that uses less than 0.9 gallons per flush. Every model of TOTO comes with great flushing power. 1.28 GPF models of TOTO are comparable in power to other brands 1.6 GPF. TOTO uses double cyclone system that uses both natural power and mechanical power, which gives any toilet a powerful flushing action. These water-efficient toilets are very powerful and have very less chance of clogging.

The inventor of the cool idea of the washlet is TOTO. A washlet is like a mini bidet, which is built into the toilet that allows you to further improve your hygiene without bidet spray. These full-featured toilets also have the option to use oscillating or pulsating warm water modes as you wish. Some advanced TOTO models even have dryers. You will never want to go back to a regular toilet once you get used to using the washlet feature. Models with washlet features are usually in the expensive range so you need to be ready to pay little more for that luxury.

Remote control for the toilet may seem obscure but they are perfect for high-end automatic models. TOTO toilet remote are labeled so that you can easily use the functions. The washlet functions including rear and front cleansing, different degrees of pressure and water types, pulsating and oscillating functions, and the dryer function. You can save your time by using remote control.

Another best feature of TOTO is their customer support. They use warranties in intervals of 1 and 5 years depending on the product and the part. Their warranty is simple and easy to read for all customers. Since TOTO does not mess with the quality of the products, warranty usage is low and if by any chance something goes wrong, customers don’t need to wait for very long. Their customer service is easily available through calls, emails, and chat.

These awesome innovative features of TOTO toilets make it stand out from than the rest of the other brands.

Benefits of Having TOTO Toilet

The bathroom should be a place in your home where you can get clean, feel comfortable and ease. TOTO toilet makes your bathroom a restroom, literally. Of course, it is one business with the toilet but you can have a place more calm and comfortable. That’s what the TOTO toilet does, adding extra comfort to your lifestyle.

TOTO offers you a timeless style or something modern with automatic features, whatever you want. It is all about offering better designs, a more comfortable experience, and a great bathroom. It takes the user’s requirements under consideration. Its toilets are reliable and durable.

With the great combination of innovation, simplicity, and design, TOTO toilets are the best bathroom products. Most of their toilets can be used by anyone regardless of age and ability. Users love TOTO toilets because of the following benefits:

  • Innovative and modern design
  • Advanced and automatic features
  • Efficient flush mechanism
  • High-quality material and performance
  • Durable and reliable

Buyer’s Guide to TOTO Toilet

TOTO is no doubt the best manufacturer of toilets and it offers a huge range of models, which can be quite confusing to choose from. This buyer’s guide will help you with the things to consider while buying one of those toilets.

The varieties of models come with varying features and designs. You might want to consider the following factors if you are looking to get one of those beauties:


TOTO is popular for its great range of toilets. Two types are available when it comes to toilet design: one-piece and two-piece. The one-piece design integrates both the toilet bowl and toilet tank into one piece. It is perfect for a small space and very easy to clean but hard to install. A two-piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl. They are easy to install and highly durable but takes more space.


TOTO has a wide variety of toilet models, which means the toilets come at different prices. Some models are affordable while some are pretty expensive. A basic toilet can cost as less as under 300 bucks whereas the high-end models are available for above 2000 bucks. You can easily get this popular toilet as per your pocket size.

Flushing Power and Water Usage

One of the best features of the TOTO toilet is water usage. TOTO toilets are built with extremely high flushing power. TOTO incorporates the Water Sense Technology, which allows their toilet to use up to 1.28 gallons per flush that is less than standard 1.6 gallons per flush. You would definitely want a toilet that uses less water.

Flushing System

The flushing toilets come with different types of flushing systems. The three major types of flushing systems are gravity flushing, dual flushing, and pressure-assisted flushing system. Gravity flushing system uses gravity to fill the toilet bowl with water and flush the waste away. The dual flushing system allows you to choose the type of flush depending on the type of your use. The pressure-assisted flushing system follows a different mechanisms. The sealed tank generated air pressure as the water fills it up and that pressure is used to release the water and flush the waste fast.

Size of the Toilet

This is one of the important features to consider while buying the toilet. If you are looking for a toilet for large space then there is no problem. But if you are looking for a toilet to install in a half bathroom, then you need to look for a model that doesn’t have a water tank to save space.

Toilet Bowl Type

You will find TOTO toilets with three types of toilet bowls: oval, round, and elongated. The shape of the toilet bowl determines the shape of the toilet seat. If you have very limited space then you should choose one with a round toilet bowl. But if you have large space and looking for something modern and fancy then you can opt for an elongated bowl.

Toilet Height

The standard height of TOTO toilets is usually 14-15 inches like any other flushing toilet. But if you have elderly people or those with disabilities then you should buy the one with ADA compliant that are 17-19 inches.

How To Install A Toto Toilet Yourself?

It is very simple to install highly rated TOTO toilets. Here is how you can install a TOTO toilet yourself:

  1. Make sure you wear gloves before you begin to change out your old toilet.
  2. Turn off the water valve behind the toilet.
  3. Take a small bowl and remove as much water as possible from the bowl. Since you will not be able to take out all the water out of it, you might get splashed.
  4. Unbolt the tank bolts that attach the basin to the bowl.
  5. Unbolt the old flange around the drainage opening and replace it with a new one.
  6. Fit a new wax ring around the bottom of the toilet bowl, just around its drainage hole.
  7. Make sure that the flange is really tight to the floor.
  8. Place the toilet bowl over the anchor bolts that protrude from the floor. This step is tricky so be careful.
  9. Rock the bowl from side to side after the anchor bolts fit securely inside the floor bolt openings to create a seal around the toilet drainage hole.
  10. Insert the bolts into the tank and base and gently tighten them with your hands.
  11. If required, you can insert shims or other spacers beneath the toilet for leveling.
  12. Tighten the floor bolts until they are completely secure. Remember, over-tightening might crack the bowl.
  13. Fit the basin over the bowl. Make sure the basin bolts fit into the bowl and tighten the bolts. Be careful to not overtighten.
  14. Reconnect the water line and turn on the water supply.
  15. Caulk around the base of the toilet will ensure a good seal.


There is no doubt that TOTO is the best manufacturer of great toilets that are really efficient and have great performance. The various models of different ranges will definitely meet the needs of everyone. If you are looking for a new toilet, we hope our guide will show you the way. You can also go through the feedbacks and ratings of other customers on online shops. You can buy the TOTO toilet and the toilet accessories in hardware stores or online stores. With a variety of price ranges, TOTO toilets are always worth the price you pay for them.

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