13 Alternatives To Dressers in Your Bedroom

13 Alternatives To Dressers in Your Bedroom

Dressers are a significant part and parcel of a typical bedroom. Many people opt to keep them in the bedrooms to take care of the many pieces of equipment and gears they might have in their rooms. However, they are not the only pieces of furniture that a typical bedroom may have to offer.

There indeed are quite a several others that may yield more or less similar ends. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to explore the many alternatives you have for your consideration.

13 Alternatives To Dressers In Your Bedroom

  1. Laundry Basket Drawers

The laundry basket drawers rank in first among the many alternatives you have. It is in these baskets that you slot in the dirty laundry that is pending cleanliness. Unlike the dresser, this one is smaller and hence less likely to take up too much space on your part.

As you search for the right basket you also want to pay keen attention to how it might blend with your wardrobe and other pieces of furniture that exist in your bedroom. Other than keeping your dirty garments, you want to add some style too.

  1. Locker

Want to reminisce about the good old school days? Choose to install a locker in your room. This locker is the one you would store up items that you hold close to your chest and are to be used every quite often. Some of the things you may store in your locker are electronics, keys, and coins.

Like the basket above, the locker should also match or blend the interior décor of your bedroom. For this to happen, it has to come in much the same color as the other pieces of furniture that are present in your bedroom.

  1. Multi-level stacked drawers

If you have many items and paraphernalia to care for, you need multi-level stacked drawers for your room. These are pieces of furniture that can store and safeguard many items without demanding that you set aside excess space.

Like any other standard furniture, this one also plays a secondary role in enhancing your interior décor. Only be sure to find that one whose styles and color blend well with your interior items. Then, be mindful also of the ceiling height as some of these drawers are too tall.

  1. Plastic bins

As with any other room, the bedroom also experiences or suffers some trash. You must care for this trash somehow. The reason is that you do not want to dirty your environment or predispose it to some hygiene issues.

The plastic bins come in handy at such times. They exist primarily to handle and hold all of your interior trash before you can empty the same to the main dust bins. Choose a colorful one to complement the beauty of your interiors.

  1. Above-bed shelving

If you so wish, you might also choose to fix in place shelving above your bed. This approach is mainly preferred if you are short on space and more likely to cramp up your interior spaces. Make sure also that there is truly enough space to be able to handle and accommodate the extra shelf.

That is to avoid the possibility of hitting your head on the shelf as you wake up. These shelves are truly beneficial as they do de-clutter the rooms by way of accommodating many extras and other items in the room. You may even dedicate a segment to contain flowers and other decorations.

  1. Wall-mounted clothes organizer

A clothes organizer, as you may well have already guessed maintains your clothes in an easily accessible position or stature. The wall-mounted is the best as it provides unconstrained access to the clothes if and when they need to do so arises.

To be able to mount it, you will have to set aside a whole wall from top to bottom. You will also have to bring in a carpenter to do the job for you as it is quite strenuous. While at it, consider the impacts that the doors might pose to whoever opens and closes them.

  1. Garment rack

Apart from the clothes organizers, the garment rack also comes in as a viable alternative. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. That calls for some consideration on your part. You have to insist on that one which can store numerous elements of your wardrobe.

In that way, you will be in the position to spare your rooms from unnecessary clutter and inconveniences. Insist on that one that has a zipper to give you the freedom to conceal your items when on the display shelf. Complement the rack with a dust cover for wholesome protection against dirt and dust.

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  1. Horizontal cubbies with pullout baskets

The horizontal cubbies with pullout baskets are also worthy considerations for your work. Unlike the other pieces of furniture and alternatives we have looked into, this one does not come as a readymade package. Instead, it allows you to customize it to your unique desires.

All you have to do is find one that is pre-made and relevant to your interior spaces. Then again you have to possess the necessary expertise to be able to fix it firmly in place. This might require the assistance of a trained carpenter expert.

  1. Trunks and Chests

Trunks and chests are yet other alternatives you might consider leveraging if you want to tuck away extremely huge quantities of items and paraphernalia. These two items are roomy and as such provide plenty of storage spaces. All you have to do is fold the garments first before inserting them in here.

They are typically placed at the feet of beds as that is where they may be accessed with ease. Other than their core mission of providing additional storage space, these accessories may also serve to enhance the decorations of your room. This stems from their awesome visual appeal.

  1. Bed with pullout drawers

Instead of cluttering your rooms with dressers that are large and cumbersome, you may also opt for the bed with pullout drawers. These will give you extra storage spaces but retain the same space requirements as your bed. One more advantage is that they let you decide your style.

That means they allow you to choose the extent of your room and the space you want to dedicate to the same. In this way, you will not have to struggle to move around your room as is the norm with many other kinds of interior fillings.

  1. Bedside Table

Consider also placing a table at the side of your bed. Make sure that this bed is small enough as not to interfere with any shape or form with your own interior spaces and associated movements. It is on these tables that you place your lamps and other vital electronics.

Small enough to go by a bed, bedside tables don’t take up a lot of space in a room. Moreover, they also bring along the added advantage of being easy to move about. As such, they are unlikely to pose unnecessary challenges in the course of use.

  1. Bookshelf

Are you a lover of books? Contemplate placing a bookshelf in your bedroom too! These shelves may be used to store a wide variety of books and place them within your easy reach. Moreover, they are also easier to repurpose if and when they are no longer useful.

Bookshelves can be used to store several items so you can easily repurpose this piece of furniture when you no longer need it in the room. Other than placing the shelves in place, consider barricading them to prevent the books from falling off.

  1. Cedar Chest

A cedar chest is ordinarily truly gorgeous and slightly large than your trunks. They are the ones you would want to look up to if you have a slightly larger and spacious room. It similarly provides lots of storage spaces owing to the extra-large size. In most cases, they favor clothing.

To add to that, the aroma that cedar exudes also adds some sweetness to the room and the clothes as a whole. Unlike your artificial fragrances, this one is less likely to inflict any respiratory illnesses and is thus safer for your use. Have we also added that cedar lasts longer?


Knowing about the many options that are available for you in and of itself is not enough. You have to know how to arrive at the best possible one. To do this, you should consider such issues as the size of the room, the interior décor, the color scheme, your budget, and the practicality of the item in your room.

Also, consider where exactly you stay in at that time. If it is a rented premise, it might be tricky to implement some of these options owing to the restrictions by the landlord. You do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with the property owners, do you?

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