Air Purifier: Introduction, Mechanism & Benefits

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What is air purifier?

If the terms AIR PURIFIER were to be broken down into two words, then it would be easy to understand and comprehend this important device. Simply an air purifier is a device that helps clean and purifies the air, especially indoor spaces. The environment comprises of wonderful features like the trees, which help clean the outdoor air. The trees are known to take in carbon dioxide during the day, which is one of the contaminants in the air. The environment is also enabled with self-repair and purifying mechanism, which enables us to take in air with fewer impurities. However, enclosed spaces such as residential and commercial buildings lack proper ventilation. Thus, the air may contain some contaminants, which may be spores, carcinogens, toxic gases, and dust particles.

Some allergies and other disease-causing organisms are airborne, and they may cause harm to the inhabitants. It would be easy for microorganisms to spread from one individual to another through the air. Communicable diseases that use the air as a vessel would quickly and easily affect people enclosed in a building in the absence of an air purifier. We spend most of our time indoors, and the air inside might be stuffy and contaminated which may lead to falling victim to several ailments. Getting an air purifier is therefore important since it helps clean the air for more indoor air quality.

Considering the technology used, there are several air purifiers that you could choose depending on your needs, and they include:

  • HEPA Air Purifiers
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Activated Carbon
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers
  • Ozone Generators

There are several air purifiers in the market today, depending on the technology they use. Let us look at the focal principle and mechanism most of these air purifiers use to get rid of the contaminants in the indoor air.

So, how does air purifier work?

For a device to earn the title of being a machine, then it must consist of different parts that have a different function but give out a common output. In the case of an air purifier, it needs to have parts like filter or number filters and a fan. The function of the filter is to trap in all the pollutants that are in the air and release out clean and quality air. The fan is used to suck and blow in the air, which also passes through the filter. To have an effective air purifier, you need to conduct regular maintenance procedures to the device. The filter is made up of fragile materials like fiberglass, paper, or mesh, which makes it easier to fix and get a new filter.

However, the frequency of replacing or maintaining the filter is dependent on the material and technology used. Several filters are reusable; this means that they can be cleaned and fitted right back. This kind of filter is considered effective in trapping pollen, dust mites, dust debris, and particles. There are also other kinds of filters that use UV technology; such filters are believed to get rid of biological pollutants such as bacteria and mold. The other kind of filters uses ionizers to trap any particles; such filters are static meaning that they charge negative ions, which attract allergens and dust particles.

Some of the reasons why you need an air purifier:

1. They help clean indoor air.

Commercial and residential properties need an air purifier to help create a safe and healthy environment for human interactions. EPA has worrying statics that the indoor air is double or five times contaminated than the air outside. Having a fully functional and effective air purifier ensures that most of the impurities are extracted and removed.

2. They help kick out smoke.

Smoke is known to irritate and choke an individual, and it makes it hard to breathe and take in the ideal oxygen percentage for your body. There are also family members who smoke and create a stuffy environment for others. Having an air purifier ensures that it traps in the smoke first before they head to your upholstery.

3. They help get rid of any foul odor.

Another crucial function of an air purifier is the removal of a funny and weird smell in a room. The odor may emanate from items stored in a room and growth of mold. The air purifier gives the indoor air the quality it deserves by releasing purifiers, which work against any foul odor.

4. It gets rid of any allergens.

People who are asthmatic and have other conditions triggered by allergies are encouraged to use the air purifiers. Sharing a particular space with pets makes you susceptible to allergies as the pets shed their dander and bring in allergens from outside. An air purifier will help you mitigate this issue once and for all.

5. They are also designed to trap dust particles and debris.

Due to the constant contact of the indoor air with air impurities like dust particles and debris, it makes it difficult to take in quality air for the occupants. The use of the air purifier ensures that any dust particle suspended in the air is quickly trapped, thus giving the required air quality. This is made possible by the filters, which are a crucial component of the air purifier device.

6. They also help to get rid of airborne bacteria.

There are small impurities and airborne particles in the air that blend in perfectly with the air we take in. Such particles may include spores, pollen, and bacteria, which may give a lot of individuals a hard time in establishing the actual cause of the spread of a certain ailment. Filters are also enabled with features that are capable of getting rid of a huge percentage of these airborne particles.

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