Best Mini Fridges With Lock

best mini fridge with lock

Are you a college student, office worker or a person who simply wants to enjoy the highest levels of conveniences at any given time? You must lay your hands on a mini-fridge. These are smaller-than-average refrigerators that nonetheless do a good job of keeping your contents cool.

Best Mini Fridges With Lock Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct NameWeightDimensionsCapacityPrice
Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star36 pounds17.7 x 18.5 x 19.5 inches1.1 cubic feetCheck Price
EdgeStar CRF150SS-142 pounds17.8 x 18.5 x 19.2 inches1.1 cubic feetCheck Price
Whynter CUF-210SS Energy Star44 pounds20 x 17.5 x 27.5 inches2.1 cubic feetCheck Price
Smad DW50CE-239 pounds16 x 18 x 27 inches1.7 cubic feetCheck Price
VBENLEM50 pounds17.5 x 19 x 23 inches1.8 cubic feetCheck Price
SMETA SDW-4040 pounds15.8 x 18.1 x 21.7 inches1.2 cubic feetCheck Price
Whynter Black CUF-301BK57 pounds21 x 20 x 34 inches3 cubic feetCheck Price
Smad DW40CAE-LOCK34.2 pounds15.8 x 17.3 x 22.1 inches1.41 cubic feetCheck Price
VBENLEM40 pounds15.7 x 16.5 x 21 inches1 cubic feetCheck Price
Smad DW40CE-LOCK34.2 pounds15.8 x 17.9 x 22.1 inches1.41 cubic feetCheck Price

Best Mini Fridges With Lock

Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star

Whynter CUF-110B

This is no ordinary mini-fridge. It is smaller than your average mini-fridge. In light of this, it is perfect for those spaces that are extremely small. Further to that, this mini fridge with lock and key also does a comparatively better job of maintaining your content in an absolute state of coolness.


Freestanding Setup

It does come along in a freestanding setup. About this, the mini-fridge does not require any external support and assistance to stay afloat. Moreover, the appliance also manages to deliver a comfortable clearance to allow for smooth movements when the need arises.

Mechanical Temperature Controls

To set the desired temperature, you engage the mechanical temperature controls. These are manual rather than automated. They hence put you in full control of the entire operational processes. These controls are also more reliable to engage overall. You will enjoy a comfortable temperature range of -10° to 2°F.

Reversible-swing Door

Its door can swing back and forth. This allows for smooth access and retrieval of the goods that are tucked therein. The arrangement further cuts down the time you would take to have your way. Moreover, it also sees to it that you enjoy the benefits regardless of space availability.


Its flush finish gives off breathtaking appearances.

Its shelves are large enough to tuck in all goods and beverages.

The shelves are removable to allow for easier cleaning.

Provides adequate security due to the lock keys

Operates via the powerful compressor cooling mechanism


Defrosts manually

Unsuitable for commercial operations

Has a shorter lifespan


EdgeStar CRF150SS

EdgeStar CRF150SS-1

Warry of the huge electricity bills? You need not dig too deep in your pocket to be able to maintain your beverages in a state of absolute coolness. Not when you have a truly energy-efficient mini-fridge of this kind. Pick it and be sure to enjoy huge savings with regards to electricity use.


Thermostatic Temperature Controls

Unlike your manual mini-fridge, this one does not require too much input of physical effort. Instead, it senses the variations in external temperatures and weather elements. Thereafter, it automatically alters the parameters to line up with the new demands. This arrangement is not only time-saving but less demanding.

True Stainless Steel Door

Its door features the true stainless steel material makeup. This door is strong and resilient to the common issues of damages that arise from time to time. Then again, it also reverses to allow for the easy retrieval of the contents that are tucked into the appliance altogether.

Recessed Handle

The handles, on the other hand, come in the form of a recess structure and shape. In light of this arrangement, the handle allows for comfortable operations when the need so comes about. The recessed nature also spares you of the discomforts that ordinarily come about with prolonged use.



Converts from the refrigerator to a freezer

Compact enough to fit the least available spaces

Comes complete with some two keys and locks

Operates within varying temperature levels

Tough enough to withstand the test of time


Only for the expert user

Costs a lot more to come by

Requires a keen eye of attention to engage and operate


Whynter CUF-210SS Energy Star

mini fridge with lock

Is your search for the right appliance dictated by commercial applications? Well, your options are limited if you nodded to this question. This energy-star rated mini fridge freezer with lock is a good one to place your bet on. On account of this rating, the appliance is sure to last long and deliver reliable performance.


Reversible Door

The door stands out in the sense that it reverses to allow for smooth and easy access to the interior contents. Over and above this, the door itself swings to the left or the right smoothly. With this arrangement, you can install it just about anywhere you need.

Cylinder Door Lock

Its lock comes in the form of a cylinder. It is subsequently strong enough to provide unparalleled protection to the interior contents. That way, you get to ward off any unauthorized intrusion to the cabinet. This one leads to added peace of mind on your part.


We started by stating that the mini-fridge is suited for commercial applications. This is mainly made possible by the energy star rating. Thanks to this rating, the appliance conserves plenty of the electrical bill. It also sees to it that you enjoy unparalleled use and applications with minimal input.



Lasts longer due to the stainless steel makeup

Regulates the temperatures automatically without your input

The shelves remove for easy cleaning

Rated by leading accreditation agencies

Keeps your energy costs to absolute lows


Limited to one voltage rating only

Slightly bulky and needs excess space to mount

Unsuitable for direct home use


Smad DW50CE-2

mini fridge with lock

Could it be that your area is generally hot and humid? Well, you have no better companion than this mini-fridge. It operates through absorption technology. This simply means that it absorbs heat from the interiors to cool the contents. In doing so, it also cools your interiors.


Flexible Storage Capability

This appliance does deliver flexible storage capability. This flexibility is largely brought about by the existence of three full-width shelves. These shelves indeed allow you to alter the sizes and shapes of the storage compartments. In this way, the tasks of cleaning the shelves are also greatly expedited.

Reversible Door Hinge

Its door hinge is also reversible. Because of this, you will be able to adjust it smoothly to respond to the various storage and retrieval needs you might have in mind. Moreover, it makes it possible for you to operate it using either the left or the right hands respectively.

Low-noise Technology

On the whole, this appliance operates on a low-noise technology. This simply means that it does not emit too high noise output as to interfere with those around you. If you are a college student, you will find this one pretty reliable as it is less likely to interfere with your studies.



Cools your interiors while maintaining your beverages cool

More efficient than the thermoelectric fridges

Good enough for those areas whose temperatures are less than 90℉

Fits the space atop your counters or the floor

Adds some elegance to your dorm rooms


Too complicated to a simpler use

Has limited carrying capacity

Quite bulky to carry around and transport remotely


VBENLEM 1.8cu.ft 110V Portable Refrigerator

mini fridge with lock

Do you change locations now and then? Well, you have no better companion than this one. It is light and compact enough to allow for easy transportation to a desired venue of use. This is the one to go for if you are planning for a retreat to a park or remote location.


Reassuring Material

In its entirety, this mini fridge is manufactured using only reassuring materials. The materials are indeed safe enough for use in covering food. To add to that, the materials are also strong enough to endure the test of time. Expect to spend less to care for and maintain the fridge as a result of this.

Mute and Eco Design

The appliance does contain advanced non-compressor absorption technology. This technology is further complemented with an environmentally friendly refrigerant. These two jointly provide for mute operations that are less likely to interfere with the welfare of those around you. You have it for taking in the study rooms.

Hassle-free Operation

Overall, the gadget provides for hassle-free operations. These operations are largely brought about by the electronic formula controller. Particularly, these controllers allow for smooth temperature adjustments from 37-53℉ (3~12℃). They further spare you from the need to put in too much of your technical expertise to handle and operationalize.


Conserves sufficient levels of energy

Defrosts itself automatically at least once a day

Discharges condensed water automatically

Eliminates the annoying manual work that other appliances require

Requires no extra refrigerant in its entire lifetime


Prone to damages a bit too soon

May not be relied on in the long run

Can not serve commercial applications and applications



SMETA Electric 110V Mini fridge

In case you are a person who spends much of time eating or handling beverages, you have no better equipment than this one. Of all the mini-fridges we have around, it is this one that is usable across more areas and spaces. Thus, it is a sure way of reducing the costs of operations and time wastage.


Variable Voltage Environments

You may use this refrigerator in many environments. This is mainly due to its ability to operate smoothly in either the 110V or the 12V outlets. It is this trait in fact that allows you to use it in whichever environment you may desire. On account of this, the appliance is truly reliable and convenient.

Highly Versatile

Other than being used across several environments, this appliance is also highly versatile. This versatility sees it mountable in many places and circumstances of use. Other than this, the equipment also handles many applications and other issues that are related to matters of freezing. This way, it yields a higher value for money.

Less Complicated

Though highly versatile and multipurpose, this appliance is less complicated. Unlike your typical topnotch refrigerator, this one does not require any compressors or fans. This notwithstanding, it still operates and delivers outcomes that match those of your ordinary equipment. A simpler user has it for the taking.



Finds wide applications in many installations

Features the latest in science and technology

Improves your living conditions by a considerable margin

Yields unparalleled entertainment comforts

Exhibits some attractive design and overall appearance


Largely unknown by potential users

Useful mainly for commercial applications

Care and maintenance are both strenuous


Whynter Black CUF-301BK

mini fridge with lock

If you happen to travel a lot, you yet again have this appliance for your use. It is suited for matters of regular travels as it installs just about anywhere. Several factors make this possible. Our review and explanations that follow endeavor to offer further explanations to these issues.


Flush Back

The appliance does have a flush back which allows it to install neatly against a wall. Thanks to this kind of back, the mini-fridge also takes up limited space on your part. You do not have to reside in a large room to be able to enjoy the benefits that come along ordinarily.

Adjustable Temperature Controls

It does have some adjustable temperature controls that allow for the smooth variations of the levels of temperatures. Being adjustable, the controls make for smooth and easier operations. Particularly, these controls allow for prompt responses to the varying temperature needs. This way, your beverages stay cool all the time.

3 Condenser Coil Shelves

Its interior is adorned with some three condenser coil shelves. These shelves provide direct contact to the freezer. In this way, they allow for the maximum exposure to the contents. At the same time, your contents are kept in an absolute state of coolness with minimal power loss.



Installs just about anywhere

Cuts down the unit footprint

Rated by the reliable Energystar

Stands in an uptight position to cut down space requirements

Provides efficient freezing solutions


Material makeup is weaker

Manages limited operational cycles

Cannot accommodate any upgrades or extras


Everything You Need To Know About Your Mini Fridge


SMAD Domestic Absorption Portable Mini Refrigerator

This mini-fridge is small enough to fit the least amount of space available. At the same time, it is quieter than your standard freezing facility. Thus, it is a good one to choose and make use of for those areas that are cramped up yet require zero noise on your part.


Quieter Operations

We have already explained that the item does operate quietly. This quieter operation is largely brought about by the absorption cooling system. Owing to this quietness, the item is less likely to interfere with those around it. As such, it is a good one to pick for studying and reading.

Reversible Door & Lock

After its quiet operations, comes the reversible door and lock. These two allow for smooth access into and retrieval of the contents that are tucked into the appliance. Thanks to this awesome arrangement, the appliance cuts down the hassles that any user would generally have to put to derive the attendant benefit.

Thermostatic Controls

A host of thermostatic controls exist for your use and engagement. These controls customize your cooling needs accordingly. They also work to optimize the processes of food storage and retrieval. Owing to their automatic shades and forms, they similarly cut the hassles you would have to invest to make use of them.



Perfect for the small tiny rooms

Runs pretty quietly all the time

Good enough for the recreational vehicles and remote use

Accords added security when in use

Safeguards your foods from all possible contaminations


Limited to areas whose ambient temperatures are below 90℉

Operable in areas that work with 110V only

Higher power consumption (higher than 110V)


VBENLEM 1cu.ft 110V 12V

VBENLEM 1cu.ft 110V 12V Portable Refrigerator

Short on space yet would wish to derive the very best from your appliance? This is the mini-fridge to set your eyes on. It bears the 1 cubic-feet rating, a fact that makes it pretty capable of accommodating your items conveniently. It is also lockable and operates via absorption technology.



The appliance is truly cost-effective in that it requires limited upgrades and accessories to operate. Specifically, the gadget does not require that you add extra refrigerants at all. Thus, it cuts down on your operational expenses throughout the entire length of time. This also gives you some added peace of mind.

Cold-light LED Illumination

Its interior is well lit with the cold-light LED illumination. LED is well-known to conserve energy. With it in your refrigerator, you may count on it not to inflict higher costs of operations and maintenance. That aside, its level of brightness is also amazing as it is truly legible.

30-liter Sufficient Capacity

In its entirety, the fridge does have an impressive capacity of 30 liters. With this capacity, it can hold all your favorite beverages firmly without the need to clutter your interiors with too many appliances. Its compact structure further eliminates any congestions. This way, it ensures free inflow and circulation of air.



Operates totally silently

Improves your overall living and comfort

The shelves adjust to accommodate items of varying sizes

Its height also adjusts to fit many storage spaces

Boasts of the improved cool insulation capability


Too small capacity for large scale use

Can not take on commercial applications

Yields limited returns on investments


SMAD 12V Compact Mini Fridge


Want a permanent solution to your cooling needs? Well, we invite you to try a hand on this one. It does contain all the trappings needed for your everyday applications. You will find it appropriately suited for your bedrooms, offices, dormitory, apartments, wet bars, and trucks.


Temperature Thermostat Controls

The appliance can alter its temperature levels. This adjustability is mainly brought about by the temperature thermostat controls. The controls exist inside the top of the appliance. They enable easier and uninterrupted selection of the right temperature options. This way, they maintain your items truly cold.

Adjustable Shelf

Next, the shelves adjust to allow for the accommodations of the various kinds of items with absolute ease. You can configure the shelves in such a way as to make room for the taller and oversize items. Then again, the adjustable nature of the shelves expedites the organization of the interior.

Quiet and Reliable

On the whole, the appliance is quiet and reliable to make use of in the long run. On account of these two traits, the appliance adds excellent value to your interiors. In particular, does not interfere with the safety and wellbeing of those who have to read inside the rooms.



Stands freely and requires no external support

Unlikely to clutter your rooms and dormitory

Operable via the low noise technology

Suitable for the safeguarding of medicines

Add some extra value to your rooms


Cannot accommodate multiple voltage outlets at a time

Quite costly to come by

Cannot be used for remote applications



Well, you now know where to set your eyes to in your search for the right mini fridge for your cooling needs. Indeed, the appliances we have looked into above have all that may be necessary to do a good job. Just skim the list above and narrow on a specific piece of equipment for your use!

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