Best Robot Vacuums

Vacuuming is one of the daunting and most loathed household chores. Robot vacuums lack cords or hoses to contend with, and they require less effort. All you require is either a Smartphone or a physical remote and you can operate it from the comfort of your couch. Some robot vacuums can be programmed to wake up and start cleaning without needing any intervention. After cleaning, these programmed robot vacuums will go back to their charging space. They can easily dispose of food crumbs, dust, and pet hair, making them a great choice for routine maintenance and cleaning whenever you need it.

Product ImageProduct NameMax SuctionPrice
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum600PaCheck Price
Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum2000PaCheck Price
eufy Anker Robotic Vacuum Cleaner2000PaCheck Price
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum-Check Price
eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner1500PaCheck Price
Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum2000PaCheck Price
GOOVI by ONSON Robot Vacuum2000PaCheck Price
Shark IQ Robot Vacuum-Check Price
360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner1800PaCheck Price
Proscenic M7 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner2700PaCheck Price

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba

Although it lacks most features as newer Roomba models, it is one of the popular pick owing to its solid performance and reasonable price point. It is a reliable, repairable, and connected robot vacuum. It allows Wi-Fi connectivity that allows remote control from a smartphone app, integration with voice assistants, and scheduling. Therefore, you can schedule and monitor its cleaning sessions using your smartphone. It has a three-stage cleaning system that is effective at lifting as well as picking up dust and dirt from carpets and hard floors. It uses 62 decibels, making it a quiet vacuum.

The iRobot Roomba 675 will clean around your home using different sensors, even under and around the furniture in your home. It comes with two multi-surface brushes that are capable of picking fine particles as well as larger debris. It can clean for 90 minutes before docking and recharging. It has a dirt detector alert for an additional pass on messy and high-traffic areas. The edge-sweeping brush enables the vacuum to clean edges and corners effectively and leaves your home clean.


Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum

Roborock robot vacuum

The Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum is an efficient navigator that will gracefully navigate your large space. It was created to offer a sturdy and flexible barrier-setting feature through a smartphone app for less money. It is very ideal for larger rooms if you do not want to see a robot vacuum moving around. It is unique since it will allow you to set up invisible do-not-cross lines and will tell it to clean specific rooms and not to clean others. This is done through an interactive map in your smartphone app.

It is an impressive vacuum that you can get at any price but the best part is that it is very affordable. With the interactive mapping feature, you might think that the Robot S4 would be expensive. It has a supersized 5200 mAh LiPo battery that enables it to work for 150 minutes without stopping. It is also elegant in design and adds a touch of style with the transparency that allows you to check the dustbin easily. The disadvantage of Roborock S4 is that the durability period is unknown because it is a newer brand in the market. Also, it does not clean rugs.


Eufy Anker Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

best robot vacuums

It is an affordable robot vacuum that is very quiet when cleaning. You will forget that there is a vacuum running in your home. This is because the maximum setting is at 57 decibels, making it 5 decibels quieter compared to the Roomba 675.  It is small and can fit under your furniture. It is an ideal vacuum for small spaces that does well on bare floors and short-pile rugs. It will not get stuck thus saving time. However, the durability of Eufy Anker is not the best and they cannot be repaired.

 It has a modest suction and flow of air as well as a small brush roll. However, it can pick up the most common debris types off of your floor and short rugs. The manual steering function of Eufy Anker is useful when you want to clean up concentrated messes. This is a great choice especially if you are not patient to leave the robot vacuum use its random navigation system. You can use the vacuum as a quick pick up handheld vacuum.


iRobot Roomba i7+(7500) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba i7

When the iRobot Roomba i7+ came out in 2018, it was referred to as the best robot vacuum that money can buy. This is because of its super-advanced and well-functioning features such as self-emptying bin and room-specific cleaning. With time, other robots mimicked these features and sold their products cheaper making the i7+ not stand out and be seen as an expensive product. However, iRobot Roomba i7+ is still refined and offers a smooth experience when cleaning your home. It offers excellent cleaning abilities and we hope that it will be durable. The durability cannot be indicated since it is relatively new in the market.

It has a downside like any other appliance. One, the imprint smart-mapping system will not work perfectly all the time. At times, it creates inaccurate maps or may not accurately follow the instructions for room-specific cleaning. Another downside is that it leaves hairballs on plush carpets. It effectively removes hair out of the carpet fiber but will not effectively get all of it onto the bin. But on a second pass, it will collect the hairball. The ineffective getting rid of all hair may be due to the updated brush roll design that has bigger ridges or because of the smaller dustbin that affects airflow.


Eufy (BoostIQ) RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

eufy robot vacuum

It is a fully automated robot vacuum that will effectively clean your floor by picking up dust and dirt. It can also be operated manually. It is designed to clean hard-to-reach places such as under the furniture and beds. It uses a lithium-ion battery that allows it to clean for 100 minutes without needing a 300-minute charge. It goes back to its floor-mounted charging system through remote control. However, it also responds to voice commands. It uses two large brushes at the front to collect loose dirt and brush the edges of a cupboard. A bigger roller brush digs out larger items before they are picked up and compacted in the dustbin.

It does not use laser or mapping to navigate your home. Rather, it utilizes nine infrared sensors that help it not to bump into obstacles and uses a drop sensor to prevent it from tipping over a step. It can clean hard floors and thick carpets. It is short and will clean under large beds and other furniture. However, RoboVac 30C cannot detect loose wires and thus can be entangled. It can also be instructed to do spot cleaning. The downside is that it requires a powerful Wi-Fi connectivity of 2.4GHz.


Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

You can schedule the robot to run at your convenience as well as virtually map off areas where you don’t want it to run. It responds to voice command and thus you can use Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a mop attachment that vacuums and mops your floors. The powerful suction and the rotating brush bar combine to provide the best results. It does basic mopping where water drips onto the microfiber cloth and picks up dirt but not for deep cleaning. Additionally, it has smart mapping using a laser navigation system, which helps the robot vacuum to map your home and plan for a cleaning route.

It cleans quietly and you can barely hear it as it cleans since it uses 56.7 decibels. It has a 5200mAh battery which the company indicates that it can last for 150 minutes in quiet mode. This means that the robot vacuum can clean your floors on a single charge. It automatically returns to the charging dock. Once the dustbin is full, the robot vacuum lifts the main body and opens up for it to be emptied.


GOOVI by ONSON Robot Vacuum

It is the newest model in the market. It has a powerful suction technology with 2000PA MAX strong suction that absorbs debris, dust, and dirt. It has an automated carpet supercharging functionality. It is very easy to operate using a remote control. It also has an intelligent cleaning system. It is a low-grade design that effectively identifies furniture, any other obstacles, and the stairs. The degree climb of GOOVI is 12-15o. It is powered by a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery that makes the robot vacuum run for 100 minutes without requiring a recharge.

It has premium features such as an infrared sensor that prevents unnecessary collisions and an anti-drop technology that prevents falls. It automatically charges itself and ensures that it always keeps your home clean. It has a smart cleaning mode that offers different cleaning modes and uses magnetic boundary strips that ensures there is a formation of vacuuming zone. It cleans very quietly to a point that you cannot hear it if you are in a different room.


Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

best robot vacuums

The powerful suction of Shark IQ helps in tackling large debris, smaller debris, dust that is stuck on your carpet or floor. It has a self-cleaning brush roll that helps in the removal of pet hair and any kind of hair that may be on your carpet or floor. Therefore, the robot vacuum was designed for homes that have pets. It has corner brushes and dual-edge brushes. The edge brushes are angled to help in digging deep into the edges while the corner brushes are important in cleaning debris, dirt, and dust.

Shark IQ will deliver 50% better coverage as it cleans row by row, one room to the next, and will save time because it will not repeat already clean areas. It uses mapping to select which room needs to be cleaned and when to schedule using the app. After cleaning, the robot vacuum returns to the base to recharge. There are instances where the vacuum will recharge mid-cleaning and will up to where it left off. It responds to voice command and thus you can use Alexa or Google Assistant rather than use remote control.


360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

360 Robot Vacuum boosts efficiency in cleaning. It can work in total darkness using quality HD maps that are from LDS LIDAR. It uses the SLAM algorithm to plan for a cleaning path and guarantees cleaning without omitting any spots. The robot vacuum can switch to Max Mode with 1800Pa suction that enables deep cleaning and will automatically recharge when the battery runs low. It has different sensors such as anti-collision and anti-drop. Anti-collision ensures that it does not get stuck in narrow spaces and will also avoid damaging furniture while the anti-drop sensor prevents it from falling off a step.

It allows a smart app and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It allows Wi-Fi connectivity and responds to Alexa voice commands. It comes with an S6 floor robot vacuum, 1 mop, water tank, 1 power adapter, 1 user manual, charging dock, and 1 cleaning tool. It offers a 12-month warranty and thus you can return it in case of any problem.


Proscenic M7 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

It has a round design and a raised laser sensor. It has two side brushes and a rolling brush on the bottom. It has 24 sensors that are inclusive of a sensor that prevents it from tipping over and bumping into obstacles when cleaning. The raised sensor is important for navigation and mapping your home. The raised laser thus the Proscenic M7 Pro taller compared to other robots. However, it can fit under your furniture and clean the place. Additionally, it has a high-efficiency particular air filter that helps in trapping allergens from the air. The Proscenic M7 Pro can be controlled using voice command from Alexa, Proscenic Home app, or a remote.

It is powered by a 5200MAh battery and the company indicates that it can run for 90-150 minutes but this is dependent on what mode you are using. When fully charged, back up takes about 4-4.5 hours. On standard mode, it can run for one hour and still have 60% battery life. The powerful mode increases power and volume and the quiet mode can be used when you have sensitive ears. The robot vacuum works best as a vacuum rather than a mop. It will clean both your floors and your carpets.


Buyer’s Guide

Repairability and durability:

Some models last longer even with bare minimum maintenance. Longevity is a very important factor because you do not want a product that you will keep replacing. Ensure you also gravitate towards a product with easy-to-find replacement parts, such as batteries, transmissions, and wheels.


It is a capability that many manufacturers are adding in the robot vacuums. It uses an onboard camera or laser reflections in producing 360o view of the room thus enabling the vacuum to create a map of the space and locate itself within that map. Mapping is advantageous because the vacuum can detect the areas that have been cleaned and which require cleaning. This saves time as the robot will not have to repeat the same spot, making it ideal for larger rooms.


Robot vacuums can complete their task with minimal management from the owner. However, they ought to have the ability to navigate the layout of the room, maneuver around furniture and other obstacles, and avoid hazards. They use a combination of sensors for them to navigate the room. For example, cliff sensors help it to avoid topping over stairs and other sensors indicate when it has come into contact with an obstacle. This is all dependent on the manufacturer of the vacuum.


They operate through autonomy, where you only require to use a button or an app to put the robot vacuum on an automatic mode for it to clean the room. Other models are programmed to clean on a schedule, which is great when you want the vacuum to operate when you are either asleep or not at home. Others can be controlled using voice command.

Modes of cleaning:

A robot vacuum can be adjusted to clean carpets and hard floors. This is due to the ability to change suction and cleaning functionality to ensure that there is adaptability to various floor surfaces. Robot vacuums may also have an option of spot mode for concentrated cleaning on small areas that may require extra attention.

Boundary blockers:

If possible, you would choose to get rid of all clutters from your floor before using a vacuum cleaner. However, since this impossible, robot vacuums come with a way of blocking off areas that you don’t want it to venture into, such as pets area or a corner with device cords. Some models will employ virtual barriers by having the ability to designate a boundary on a room to signal the robot to stay away from the area.


The dimension of the product is a critical factor. First, the size will determine if the vacuum can reach tight spots. Too tall or big vacuums will get stuck and will demand you to free them. Bigger vacuums have a bigger dustbin, and since they do not use expandable bags, this means that what you see is what you get. The choice of the robot vacuum will entirely depend on your room layout.


Vacuum that is Wi-Fi enabled will allow you to control them using smartphone apps and/or physical remotes. This is very convenient and you will not incur additional charges. Therefore, ensure that you gravitate towards a vacuum cleaner with this feature.

Battery life:

This is essential because you do not want to but a robot vacuum whose battery will not last long. Poor battery life will make you incur additional charges as you will be demanded to replace the batteries often.

Noise: It is easier to tolerate a quiet robot vacuum especially if they operate when you are around. Ensure that you choose a robot vacuum with 54 decibels or lower as this is quite enough.


A good robot vacuum can make a very big difference when cleaning your home. The above-reviewed robot vacuums can handle the mess in your home without damaging your floors. Ensure that you have read reviews and the guide above before settling for a particular vacuum. Do your research and this will enable you to get what you want.

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