Everything You Need To Know About Your Mini Fridge

everything you need to know about your mini fridge


Do you own or plan to own a mini-fridge? Definitely, there are issues you have to know and care for. That is the only way you will prevent issues like damages and malfunctions from arising. Also, such knowledge will go a long way in upping your experience not to mention lengthening the lifespan of the appliance altogether.

We have prepared this guide to help you in achieving that very end. Find all the issues that pertain to this appliance discussed and looked into in greater detail. We do hope that at the very end of our discussions, you shall gain the inspiration you need to appreciate the mini-fridge better too!

Everything You Need To Know About Your Mini Fridge

Types of Mini-fridge

Like any other piece of an appliance, the mini-fridge too comes in diverse types and kinds. In this first segment, we are going to examine the main types of fridges in vogue at the moment. This we hope will give you the insight you need to make the most appropriate selection of your fridge.

Absorption Fridge

This kind of requires an energy source but lacks a motor. As such, it is quieter than your typical fridge. It is called absorption because it tends to absorb the ambient heat in the atmosphere to maintain some cool interiors. Many of them are stronger and hence last longer.

Compressor Fridge

The compression fridge is largely present in many fridges. They are larger than your ordinary refrigerators and make use of vaporized liquids to absorb the heat. Owing to its possession of a motor, this kind of fridge is louder and more likely to cause unnecessary disturbances due to high noise output.


As the name implies, this one uses a pump to transfer heat energy from one portion of the item to another. For this reason, it also serves as a warmer. Comparatively speaking, this kind of refrigerator is quieter than your ordinary fridges. It also tends to take up less space than most fridges.

Styles of Mini-fridge

Other than the types, fridges are also available in many kinds of styles. By style, we mean how the fridges appear when beheld with the eyes. Style is also important because the fridges play the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your room over and above safeguarding your beverages.

Under-the-counter Style

The ‘under-the-counter’ mini-fridge is the one that you slot underneath the cabinets. By this style, the mini-fridge is abundantly present in the kitchens and bars that have to keep many beverages. They are the largest kinds of mini-fridges and also last longer. You will have to set aside plenty of space to accommodate them though.

Mid-Size Style

This kind of mini-fridge is so-called because it is neither small nor large in size. Its interior ranges from 80 to 96 liters in size. In general, their average heights is 66 centimeters. The mid-size is the kind of mini-fridge that is widely used in offices, hotel rooms, and bedrooms.

Cube Style

Of all the styles present, the cube is the smallest and most compact. Notwithstanding this, it is still capable of containing and holding sufficiently large amounts of beverages. Many of them range in size from 28 to 59 liters or 30 pounds capacity. This is the one that adorns the offices, game rooms, and university dorms.

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How to Take Care of Your Mini Fridge

Caring for your fridge is a good thing to do. Leave your fridge uncared for is a recipe for disasters. Not only can it cause germs and pathogens to thrive, but also is it capable of exuding foul stench. Here below, we discuss some of the common care and maintenance tips to leverage:

Tip #1: Position the fridge appropriately

Position the refrigerator appropriately. Keep your mini-fridge away from direct sunlight or any other heat source. External sources of heat have the impact of interfering with the proper functioning of the appliance altogether.

Tip #2: Stabilize the temperature fluctuations

Be sure to maintain a stable level of ambient temperature at all times of use. If your mini-fridge has a deep freezer compartment, be sure to keep it in an area that does not suffer extremely low temperatures as this might compromise the compression mechanisms.

Tip #3: Level the Mounting Surface

you must level the mounting surface to prevent fidgeting and the possibility of tripping off. Thus, you should always strive to place it on a surface that has a uniform terrain. While at it, ensure that it does not lean in one direction only.

Tip #4: Turn it to medium-cold setting mode the first time you plug it in

The first time you plug your mini-fridge in, you are advised to turn it to the medium-cold setting. This way, you will neither freeze nor thaw the food unnecessarily. You may later alter the settings as per your needs.

Tip #5: Declutter the interior

When placing the food items in the mini-fridge, you should make every effort to declutter it. To do this, you should space your food items in such a way as to prevent it from overcrowding. Doing this will also guarantee a smooth circulation of the air in the compartment.

Tip #6: Clean the appliance regularly

Needless to say, you should always cleanse the interior of the appliance regularly and thoroughly. Apply the baking soda solution to wipe the interior. That way, you will not only eliminate the dirt but also kill the germs and other pathogens that may be present inside. This, you should do, preferably once a week.

Tip #7: Cleanse the vents and coils every month

Once each month, you are strongly recommended to cleanse the vents and coils of the refrigerators. To do this, you should unplug the refrigerator first and foremost. Then use a dust blower to eliminate the hardened dirt and dust gently from the structures. A damp cloth will eliminate hardened stains.

Tip #8: Discard the perishables before embarking on a journey

If intending to go for a long journey, you should first and foremost discard all the perishables. The reason is obvious. They will rot and inflict some foul smell on the room and refrigerator as a whole. Complement this by placing a towel at the base of the appliance to absorb runoff moisture.

Tips to Prevent Odors in a Fridge

Given the fact the refrigerators hold plenty of food items, it is not uncommon for them to develop some foul stench. This stench arises when the foods decompose and give off the horrible Carbon dioxide gas. It is definitely in your best interest to find a way of forestalling this undesirable eventuality from arising.

Below are some of the tips to adhere to in an attempt to prevent the foul odors from arising:

Tip #1: Place some baking soda solution at the back of the refrigerator. As noted earlier, this chemical has the ability to absorb foul stench and prevent the same from spreading into the room.

Tip #2: Get rid of the leftover and perishable foods from the mini-fridge every quite often. This should happen preferably once a week. It serves to prevent rotting which in turn yields the foul stench.

Tip #3: Wiping spills as soon as the same arises are the right thing to do. It prevents the same from drying and hardening into stains. At the same time, it suppresses the foul stench that potentially arises later.

Tip #4: Never close the door to the mini-fridge if the same has not dried completely. This is to avert the possibilities of molds and mildew growing inside.

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How to Use Your Mini-fridge

It may seem a little bit obvious but a mini-fridge has many other possible uses than you think. That is because most modern refrigerators have many more uses besides merely safeguarding your foods and beverages. Below are some of the common uses to which you may devote your refrigerator:

Adorning your Man Cave

A man cave is a room that is often removed from the rest of the home. It serves as a place to relax and enjoy a bit of your time. A mini-fridge plays a crucial role in adorning this portion of the home as it provides a quick-fix solution to your cravings.

Store Extra Food

This is rather obvious. A mini-fridge does play the role of safeguarding extra food. Do not hesitate therefore to devote your appliance to this role. Only be sure that you do not clutter the inside.

Cool your Wine and Soft Drinks

Yet again, you may use your mini-fridge to cool your wine and soft drinks. As you do so, take appropriate measures to maintain it in the best temperatures imaginable at any given time.

Donate the Mini-fridge

As a last option, you may also consider donating the appliance to a charity or any other organization that may need it. This is in lieu of throwing yours in a trash bin.

How to Defrost Your Mini Fridge

From time to time, it is not uncommon for ice to accumulate in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. This is not great as it does impede the circulation of air and even poses some damages to the structural components of the appliance altogether.

In the unlikely event that it happens, you want to eliminate the ice. Follow these steps to make this wonderful dream a reality:

Step I: Empty the refrigerator of its contents. If yours is compartmentalized, you want to empty only the freezer; not the entire refrigerator.

Step II: Unplug it from the power source. Follow this by placing a tray or a towel underneath it to absorb the running water. Leave the arrangement overnight.

Step III: Wide any excess residual moisture thoroughly the next day you arise. Dry the cloths, trays, towels and the other items you used to cleanse the fridge.

Step IV: Though not a must, this perhaps is the best time to cleanse the shelves, racks, and drawers. While at it, stay away from the abrasive or harsh cleaners as they might corrode the paint and surfaces. Do not forget to rinse the fridge clean after wiping it.


  • Always have your fridge completely dry before closing the door to prevent the growth of molds and moisture.
  • Commence the defrosting exercise no less than 24 hours before leaving the premise. This is to give you ample time to handle the job and to have the fridge dry completely.


Having examined all that pertains to this wonderful set of the appliance, we are now confident that you have what it takes to not only appreciate the mini-fridge but to take good care of it. Owing to the critical role that this appliance plays in the typical home in the hot summers, you cannot gamble with it.

Instead, you want to read through our explanations above keenly to be able to avert any unnecessary issues that potentially arise in the course of use. Is it not a good thing to share this piece of information with many others around you?

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