Home Gym vs. Gym Membership: Which Is Better?

home gym vs gym membership


Are you a fitness enthusiast who is intent on keeping very fit? You have two main options for your consideration. The first is the home whereas the second is the gym. Regardless of the one you pick, you are more likely to obtain better value for your money and time.

But which of these two is the better option? Well, this is a question we can only answer by comparing and contrasting them against the various parameters that define them. Our discussions below endeavors to identify and discuss the finer details of these two options. Read on to find out more…

Home Gym vs. Gym Membership: Which is better?

1. Mindset

To tackle any activity, you need the right mindset. It is only in that manner that you will be able to get into the moods faster and carry out the task to its ultimate fulfillment. Of the two available options, it is the gym that gets you to that mindset faster.

The environment, training instructors, and other participants acquaint you with fitness exercising as easily as possible. While at home, you may not get to that mind owing to the familiarity with the everyday issues. This makes your fitness, on the whole, less effective.

2. Freedom

As you work out, you want to leverage some freedom in the course of it. Unfortunately, the gym is a bit strict as it limits you to the kind of music and training program that is adopted by the management. All you have to do is tow the line.

The opposite, however, applies to the home training. While at home, you can listen to whichever music you want. At the same time, you are also free to formulate and follow your preferred program of activities. In this way, you get to earn some freedom that is lacking in a gym.

3. Convenience

When weighed against each other, home training is the more convenient of the two forms of workouts. You do not need to pack your belongings and retreat to a detached place. Instead, you handle everything in the comfort of your own home. The opposite, of course, applies to the gym training.

You have to pack your belongings, drive or take a bus to a faraway location and then embark on the task of workouts. This imposes too much wastage of time and money. It also eats away part of your productivity. Based on this consideration, the home gym training wins.

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4. Costs Implications

Needless to say, you have to incur some expenses to utilize any of these avenues. All factors considered though, the home gym is the cheaper of the two alternatives. You will have to purchase the fitness equipment and set aside some room for the practice, granted.

However, this form of training does not require that you remit periodic subscriptions or fuel your car to a remote location as is the case with the gym membership. Thus, it also saves you some time and hassles you would ordinarily expend in the process. The gym membership nonetheless negates the need to acquire the fitness equipment.

5. Options and Amenities

Workouts are more convenient when there is a variety to pick from. Of these two options, it is the gym membership that brings about this variety. A typical gym has many tools and fitness equipment like stair steppers, elliptical, treadmill, rowing machines, and stationary bikes, to name but a few!

Thus, membership in a gym is a sure way to make the most of your fitness undertaking. Home exercising, on the other hand, has fewer pieces of fitness equipment. This leads to boredom as they limit your total scope of performance. You have to dig too deep to be able to purchase the many pieces of equipment though.

6. Motivation

“A problem shared is a problem half-solved,” goes the English saying. Indeed, a tough exercise gets simpler and more enjoyable when undertaken in the company of many others. Of these two settings, it is the gym membership that provides this much-needed motivation.

The reason, of course, is that there are many others around you at any given time. It hence goes that by patronizing a gym, you stand to enjoy your sessions and make them more effective. Other than that, a gym membership gives you the rare opportunity to network and deepen your relations with other like-minded persons.

7. Focus and Attention

Other than the motivation and mindset, focus and attention are two very important ingredients to the success of any fitness undertaking. To succeed in fitness, you have to be in an environment that is less distractive and free of any disturbances. Well, the gym membership yet again provides a fertile ground for these two.

A gym is a place that is wholly dedicated to matters of fitness. Even the other people who get there as well as the instructors do so with one purpose in mind: fitness and fitness alone. It is hence unlikely that your attention shall drift as easily as it would in the home environment.

8. Long-term Reliability

Of the two forms of fitness, the gym membership is the one that is most reliable in the long run. The underlying reason here is that it is devoid of any distractions and at the same time conferring a variety of fitness activities for your choice and utilization.

The home may only suit you in the short run. In the long run, however, other occupants many come in and stray you away from your primary objectives and purposes. Thus, even if you choose the home, at some point you will inevitably opt for a gym membership.

9. Multitasking Capability

Keeping fit at home comes with the added benefit of being able to multitask. This simply means that you can tackle other chores besides your fitness regime. For instance, you may clean the room, care for your child, and even cook. This is because you are both at home and in full charge of your fitness.

The gym, however, denies you this awesome benefit. While at the gym, you will not have the ability to do anything besides fitness and fitness alone. Thus, you are less productive and economical by opting to get to the gym.


10. Accessibility

By accessibility, we mean the ease, or lack of it, with which the fitness services are obtained. All factors considered, the home gym is the more accessible of the two options. It is accessible both in time and distance. Time-wise, you can get to the gym any time of the day that is convenient for you.

Distance-wise, you do not have to take a cab or board a taxi to be able to secure the services that ordinarily come along. That is because of the zero-commute and the prompt entry into the gym.

11. Privacy

When working alone, you enjoy an added degree of privacy. You do not share your room and subsequently fitness details with any other person. That way, you get to work out confidently with limited, if any hassles on your part. The home is truly great if you have any inherent issues.

The gym is awesomely granted. However, it requires that you share your records and progress with your colleagues. While great, this one also inflicts the added side effect of the loss of privacy. It is hence not a good option to consider if you have some medical issues to care for.

12. Fresh Air and Germs

When working out, germs and suffocation are likely to arise. When the body is active, it produces plenty of amount of sweat. This one results in the foul stench that follows the room wherein you work out. How these undesirable results are handled yet again differs considerably from the environment.

While at home, you can cleanse your body and environment better. That is because you are in full control and charge of your workouts and cleanliness thereof. Moreover, you are also in the limited company of others and hence unlikely to worsen the situation.

13. Pace of Fitness

In a gym, the instructor treats everyone the same way. He assumes that each person has the same level of need and fitness ends. That, however, is too far from the truth. In reality, each person is unique in his way. That is why it is only logical to treat each person uniquely.

Only the home gym can capture this reality well. While at home, you will have the pleasure to work out at a pace that is most comfortable for you. The possibility of sustaining unnecessary injuries while on a workout is hence suppressed to an absolute minimum.


14. Freedom to quit

Schedules are ordinarily bound to change at short notice. Unfortunately, the gym membership does not acknowledge this fact. Why? Because once enrolled, it is almost impossible for you to cancel the membership altogether. Canceling the membership prematurely might mean forfeiting the outstanding fees. Not so with the home gym.

While working from home, you have the freedom to opt in and out at will. Any lengthy contracts or subscription fees do not bind you. It is hence a good option to consider leveraging if you operate on schedules that are haphazard and lack some clear plans.

15. Medical Support

It is not uncommon for accidents and injuries to arise in the course of working out. There is a big difference though with regards to where these injuries arise. If and when they arise at home, your goose to some extent is cooked. You might never really have the expertise to reverse or mitigate them.

If those injuries arise in the professional gym, however, they are easily cared for by the existence of professional and highly trained personnel. It is unlikely though that those injuries might spill over to the hospitals or cause worse damages to your health and body.

16. Professional Assistance and Coaching

Obviously, it is impossible to perform complex fitness ventures while at home. It is only by getting to the gym that you will be able to receive first-hand instructions from those who have the expertise and wherewithal necessary to handle complicated fitness regimes. You have no choice but to enroll in a gym.

The situation further compounds when your fitness has to help with shedding excess weight, remedying a health issue, or strengthening muscles. These are tasks that are ordinarily too complicated to handle without any professional assistance from qualified instructors. They demand that you enroll in a gym.


All said and done, there is no bad or good approach. Each of them is awesome and relevant to their rights. The ultimate choice is mainly dictated by the circumstance you find yourself in. If you are self-disciplined, have ample time, and have plenty of room the home gym is yours for the taking.

If on the other hand you have the money but lack the self-drive needed to practice on your own, the gym membership may be a viable alternative. You have to make it a point though to attend the sessions faithfully as skipping any session might mean putting your hard-earned money to waste.

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