How Many Gallons Of Water Does A Bathtub Hold?

how many gallons does a bathtub hold

Do you intend to place a bathtub in your home? No doubt, you have to know the carrying capacity of that bathtub you have in mind before embarking on a purchase. That is because you want to guarantee a sufficient amount of water at any given time. At the same time, you want to enjoy the most suitable item to make use of.

How many gallons of water does a bathtub hold?

In general, there are no standard gallons of water that the bathtub can hold. This is a matter that is left purely to the discretion of the users as well as a host of other factors. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to look into those factors that have a say in this capacity:


Bathtubs come in varied shapes and sizes. Two main designs stand out. These are the corner and the freestanding respectively. These variations in designs also determine the amount of water that the bathtubs can potentially hold. Freestanding bathtubs are generally larger than their corner counterparts. Thus, they can hold an extra amount of water than the corner tubs.

Space Availability

Closely related to the design is the amount of space that is available at your disposal. The tubs are similarly designed to fit varying amounts of space. Due to this, they also tend to vary in size, shape, and by extension the water carrying capacity. Be sure to mark out the space you have before setting out for a purchase.

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Body Size

These plumbing devices are constructed and designed to supply enough water to wash the whole body. The sizes of the bodies of people also vary significantly. Overly obese persons have bigger and bulkier bodies. They require tubs that are larger and can hold plenty of water. Slimmer persons require limited size and capacity of tubs.

Number of Users

The number of persons that the tub is intended to serve also has a huge say in the amount of water it can hold. For one or two-person use, any small tub will do just fine. If the intent is to serve a larger number of people, the tub has to be extra spacious and able to handle a higher capacity of water.


Different places experience different weather patterns and environmental conditions. These conditions have roles to play insofar as the amount of water that may be needful is concerned. Areas that are hot and humid require plenty of water compared to those that are cold and chilly. As such, the bathtubs that are located therein tend to have a higher water holding capacity.

Operational Costs

There is a direct correlation between the capacities of the bathtubs and the costs that they require for operations. To flip the coin, the amount of money you can comfortably spend to maintain and operate the bathtub also determines the water carrying capacity. As a general rule, smaller and less spacious bathtubs are cheaper to operate than their larger alternatives.

When all factors are put into consideration, the typical freestanding bathtub holds around 90-100 gallons (340-378 liters) of water. The corner bathtubs, as we have already explained, have a more limited capacity. They are hence able to contain only 40-60 gallons (150-227 liters). Other than these two, we have the acrylic drop-ins that hold 60-80 gallons.


Needless to say, the water carrying capacity is not the only consideration of the right kind of tub. Other factors like the cost of the tub, operational expenses, intended frequency of use, and the material construction also count. Be sure to check them out to be able to arrive at the most suitable purchase.

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