How to Clean Toto Toilet?

how to clean toto toilet

How To Clean Toto Toilet

Toto toilets have brought some innovation to the ordinary home. Unlike your ordinary toilets, they require no toilet rolls. Instead, they incorporate a bidet that washes your genitals to rid them of any wastes. Since they cleanse these sensitive areas also, they tend to accumulate plenty of dirt.

So vulnerable are these toilets indeed that any errors or oversights might usually bring about the risk of cholera, typhoid or other hygiene-related disorders. That is why investing your time in reading a cleaning guide of this kind makes absolute sense. Read through our discussions below to know how to clean the Toto toilet.

Tools and Materials Required:

Before you embark on cleaning your toilet, you have to gather the necessary cleaning items. Below are some of the items you will undoubtedly need to do a good cleaning job:

  • Pair of rubber hand gloves
  • Plastic apron
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Spray for killing germs
  • A toilet brush
  • A toothbrush
  • Clean rags
  • A sponge
  • Paper towels
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Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Clean the Interior of the Toilet

  • Put on the necessary protective gear. The hand gloves, gas masks, and the aprons are they. This procedure is necessary to shield you from direct contact with the various parts and components of the toilet. That way, they also shield you from the attacks of germs.
  • Rub the toilet using a sponge and hot water. Run this hot water on all the outer parts of the toilet. As you do so, see to it that you scrub out all the debris firmly and thoroughly. You may have to do so twice or thrice in a row.
  • Move now to the inner parts of the toilet after you are through with the exterior. Use the most potent toilet cleaner to do the job. Take great care that you do not miss out on any part of the toilet bowl. Any oversight of that kind may lead to the growth of germs.
  • Use the toilet brush to work on the inner parts of the bowl as well. Spray the inside with the toilet cleaner as well. Brush the bowl thoroughly, preferably twice or thrice for maximum impacts. Go slow and steady, as this is the most critical aspect of the cleaning exercise.
  • Flush the Toto toilet now. Simply press the flush button to be able to accomplish this noble task. In case some debris persists even after flushing the toilet, you are required to redo it a second or even a third time.
  • Finish off this exercise by spraying a germ-killing spray. As you do so, rub the bowl with some rags. Target both the inside and the outside of the toilet for the best possible impacts. You are now good to go!

Step II: Clean the Surrounding Areas of the Toto Toilet

  • After cleaning the interior of the toilet bowl, you now have to proceed and target its surrounding areas. Cleaning the outside of a toilet bowl is just as important as cleaning its interior. They too do accumulate the germs, which may inflict some harm on you.
  • Remove all things that surround your toilet. These include such issues as the photographs, toys for children, and the tissue boxes.
  • Clean each item independently and thoroughly. Use the spray to get rid of the germs from the items. Wipe them dry with some clean rags after you are through with your task.
  • Move on to the toilet floor after that. Similarly, spray the floor with a germ-killing solution. Cleanse thoroughly with some brush and then dry using clean rags.

Step III: Remove the Stains from the Toto Toilet

  • Even if the toilets are germ-free, any stains on the bowls have the undesirable side effects of making it appear ghastly. You do not want this to happen. That is why you want to go the extra mile of eliminating the stains as well.
  • Kick off the exercise by mixing vinegar and baking powder. This is the homemade ingredient that has been noted to do a better job. Moreover, it also operates faster than many of the competing alternatives that are in existence at the moment.
  • Pour a cup of the vinegar into the toilet bowl. Scrub the toilet bowl using a brush for a couple of minutes. Leave the bowl unattended for a minute or two to allow the ingredients to have their maximum impacts.
  • After the lapse of the two-minute window above, add a cup of baking powder onto the bowl. Add a further two cups of the vinegar and stir gently. This shall give rise to a bubbly reaction. Scrub your toilet bowl for a couple of minutes yet again.
  • Leave the toilet unattended to or around 5 to 6 minutes. In doing so, you will give the ingredients time to have their maximum impacts. At the end of the 6-minute window, flush the toilet using plenty of clean water preferably twice in a row.


As you may see from the discussions above, cleaning a Toto toilet is no mean feat. It requires a great deal of attention on your part. Then again, it is a delicate undertaking that requires that you pay keen attention. Thus, you have to be ready to give it your time and attention for best results.

We further advise that you make it a practice to clean your toilet at least once a week. Waiting for too long to give it a thorough clean might mean putting in too much effort. That is because the dirt hardens if left unattended to with time. All the best in your subsequent cleaning exercise!

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